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The Moral Lesson of The "Peace Dancer"

"Peace Dancer"
By: Roy Henry Vickers & Robert Budd

After myself and my group read the short story "Peace Dancer" written by Roy Henry Vickers and Robert Budd, we discussed what the moral lesson behind the story was. The "Peace Dancer" was a story about these children who went out into the woods to trap an animal. They trapped a bird and started to pluck its feathers until it couldn't fly. As a result, the creator was angry and made it rain for weeks after weeks. After several weeks of rain, the land began to flood. This caused the people to get into their boats. They were crying and begging the creator to bring everything back to normal. It wasn't until the chief of heavens accepted the tribe's apology and their recognition to treat all life with respect and love as their ancestors did. Through our group discussion, we talked about how we felt about the book, the questions we had, some phrases we liked and why the author chose to write the …

TRC Calls To Action - Number 16

“We call upon post-secondary institutions to create university and college degree and diploma programs in Aboriginal languages.”

Call to Action 16 of The Truth and Reconciliation Commision of Canada (TRC), has seen a lot of progress done in terms of the level of completion of this issue.

The Truth Behind The Indian Act

Taking a first look at the Indian Act, the intentions may be quite confusing. However, I now know the truth behind the Indian Act.

The Indian Act has always been quite confusing to me in terms of whether the Indian Act was truly good or bad. However, after reading the article "The Indian Act and Indian Residential Schools," my whole understanding of the intention of the Indian Act changed. Also after doing some further research into the Indian act, I was able to find out some of the restrictions I never knew were included in the Indian Act. 

What is the Indian Act?

The Indian Act is essentially a law that regulates the significant parts of Indigenous people lives such as band membership, taxation, band governance, elections, rights to land and other resources. Along with the Indian Act, it created a legal term used to clump all categories of Indigenous people into one legal category known as status Indians. The Indian Act also was the start of the horrible system of residentia…